Breaking into Virtual Reality

Breaking into Virtual Reality

Welcome to my first Developer post on the development of making my own game for Virtual Reality. I decided to post here rather than randomly on social media here and there, so, you can follow me on how one turns from a graphic designer/creative director into a game developer.

A little Background

I always love new technology, I think we are living in a very exciting era. After I landed myself a job in Apple as a graphic design contractor, I realized there is always room to grow. I wanted to use my graphic design skills and programming ability to make a real functional application. Afterward, I received a job at 3D Systems — the biggest 3D printing company and an industry leader as an interactive designer. Transitioning from a graphic designer who doesn’t know how to code to one that knows how to add new variables into pre-existing javascript codes is a new challenge for me. I have to be comfortable and learn to not fear the unknown and be willing to keep learning within the fast hamster wheel of technology — it’s like the old Chinese proverb “No end in learning” (学无).

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