How to make 360 degree collage

How to make 360 degree collage

It is been a while I updated my process, I continue learning C# and Unity3d in Udacity nano degree course for Virtual Reality, and hopefully get the certificate by the end of March.

Meanwhile, I decided my deadline will be showing my design around in VRLA, and the game I am building is not even close to finished. I decided to push my animation skills in VR instead for VRLA.

First I saw an article on bored panda which is inspired me to think— when there are so many 3D models and 3D rendering, maybe drawing an animation by hand can be a new angle to tackle the style for VR. I did my research to see is there a way to draw in 360 for VR, and realized there is a great 360 panorama artist community on Facebook.

Most of the artists in the 360 community are drawing in Photoshop and use Panopainter to view in 3D in their workflow. Demo can see here.

I decided to give it a try. And here is my first 360-degree image. (Isn’t animation is a series of images? Without knowing how to draw a frame I can not start my animation)

Click on the following link to check out in 360 live.

or view it live here:

rainbow surreal

Let me break down what I did.

1. Google images

I found these photos online. Make sure they are some sort of sphere-shaped.

2. Create a 5660 x 5660 image inside photoshop. (half of the width of your VR grid)


3. draw a circle start with the center of the square and expand from the dot.


4. use the photoshop filter > distort > polar coordinates > rectangular to polar




5. Scale 50% of the height, width remain as original.

6. The 360 grid can be found inside the 360 panorama artist community on Facebook under the file tab.

7. put the distorted images onto the grid and stretch them to fit the width.

8. Finished.


9. download LG 360 CAM viewer and check the image in 360!

10. Finally upload to Facebook or 360cities or 2vr.

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