Eye candy : my first VR world is happening

Eye candy : my first VR world is happening

I was dreaming of walking on an island that builds on candies last night. The dream becomes my inspiration for my VR project. My design process starts with creating a mood board on Pinterest. First, I thought I would buy all the ready-made 3D models online or gather a budget to hire a 3d artist to build them for me. Then, I found an awesome pack in the Unity 3D asset store called Candy Heaven Pack. I made a little prototype with the purchased models. Very happy when I deploy it to my phone and able to walk around the candy island.






A lot of visual research was done through many Google search and pin on Pinterest. Also, I need to figure out what kind of mood I want my candy app to be. I love to use rainbow colors in brightest hue personally, but I think that is too much contrast to look at in VR (and high chance to make people dizzy) so I tone it down to a pastel theme with glowing fairy-like as my design style in this project.

Last, I wasn’t satisfied the quality of the low-poly candies’ graphic styles. When the models scaled up, they are too pixelated and I wanted the assets to be more a realistic-like approach. My challenge is I am a beginner in 3d modeling, and there is no way to meet my deadline next month if I build everything myself. So I plan to invest in buying a 3D scanner and scan objects in reality through



Result? Stay tuned for the next post when I will get into how to scan these 3D object.


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