3D candy scan by Digitize Design

3D candy scan by Digitize Design

I am continuing to research the perfect solution to build assets for my VR candy world. From the previous post, I brought a scanner through, but it did not work out because candies are too small to have good quality scans. I returned the 3D scanner right away and kept trying to find the solution I need. I even attempted to learn Blender within a week, but it was too much to learn.

One night in the VR meetup at Synergy Mill (local maker space in Greenville, SC), I spoke to Joey Loman who is part of the Mill, and he told me about Digitize Design. They specialized in 3D scanning to CAD models and 3D printings. My face lit up with a giant smile when I heard this great news!

Then I contacted Digitize Design through FaceBook, who then told me to email Andrew Bougie. It ended up that he is one of the partners behind Digitize Design. We set an appointment to meet at Synergy Mill on a sunny Friday morning. I was so excited about this meeting! I even made some sugar structures just in case the small candies could not scan.

candy models


When Andrew showed up with his giant plastic box with the 3D scanner, I could sense this was no joke. It was an Artec Space Spider which cost more than 20k. Here are some facts from Digitize Design.

3d scanner



Here is the live action of the Artec Space Spider by Andrew Bougie.


What I learned

The Artec Space Spider 3D scanner can scan small objects very well. It is handheld, using 3d tracking and can scan texture with or without full color. It builds in 1.5-megapixel camera which scans the shape very well, and if the texture is not high resolution enough for you, you can always modify in Photoshop or 3D painting software.

Also with other scanners that use laser technology are slower and not as accurate.


Limitation of 3D scan

  1. A reflective surface or glass-like surface can not scan. They will become holes.
  2. Translucent candies won’t scan well. Rock candies can not scan.
  3. Transparent candies can not scan at all, even if they have color.


Thanks a lot again to Digitize Design for helping me to scan the candies without a fee!

Check out next post to see how to 3d painting or how would I change the color of the models!

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