First impression of Hololens from Microsoft

First impression of Hololens from Microsoft

Thank you for SUMO design to let me experience her Microsoft Hololens. I feel like I am living in the future with Daft-punk music in my head when I put the Hololens on my face. Hololens feels like the Daft-punk helmet that brings amazing visual experience. Turn the space into a mixed reality video game console, and I am the main character in the video game to shot the giant spiders. The experience is magical.

However, Hololens did not detect my words, and I think it is because I have a heavy Chinese accent, therefore it did not read my word ‘NEXT’ right, and so I can’t voice control it and it frustrated me.

Three-time is a charm. And I gave up. The best hope for in the near future the voice recognition would be improved.


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