Axum Graphics

VR DreamCatcher / Axum Graphics

Axum Graphics produces facial recognition software for the animation and inclusion of avatars for video game and business training software. My responsibilities included

  • Conceived and implemented product branding
  • UX design
  • Designed and implemented both the prototype and the front-end code
  • Created user personas after conducting in-person interviews
  • Conducted competitive market research
  • Collaborated with founders on product design

Auteurist is a cinematic tool for film directors and creatives to animate shots in virtual reality without the HMD (headcount device) as the requirement. You can view the creation shots in your smartphone or virtual reality headsets. Auteurist is rendering everything in the cloud with the web browser. For UX design, I gathered domain knowledge to create a functional requirements document. Then I collaborated with the founders on the UX workflow using market research, storytelling, persona exercises, a functional prototype with the code as the outcome. As part of a 4 co-founder team, we used an agile process with kanban.

Auteurist was a finalist for TechStars. I delivered the alpha release under a tight deadline.